D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. is the manufacturer's representative for Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) water-quality monitors and toxic and combustible gas sensors in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. ATI is leading the way among manufacturers of sensors for use in a variety of municipal and industrial pollution-control applications.

The use of ozone for ultrapure water systems, cooling towers, aquatic farms, pharmaceutical-grade water, and potable water treatment has created the need to measure levels of dissolved ozone. The ATI dissolved-ozone monitor makes it possible to continuously measure dissolved ozone in the water stream without complicated maintenance or measurement interference from other sample components like residual chlorine.

The ATI dissolved-ozone monitor is able to measure ozone over ranges from 0-2.000 PPM to 0-200 PPM. It's easy to link your ATI dissolved-ozone monitor to external recorders or data loggers, using the built-in 4-20 mA output, and control relays and alarm relays are built into all standard ATI DO3 monitors.

The sensing element exhibits excellent zero stability and is easy to maintain -- just make a quick and easy membrane replacement two to four times a year. Replacing the membrane in an ATI dissolved-ozone sensor takes no more than five minutes from start to finish. The sensor itself will last for years without any effort on your part, and the DO3 transmitter, available in panel-mount and NEMA 4X housings, will continue to function reliably practically forever. Temperature sensing is built into the DO3 sensor, and is displayed along with continuously-measured ozone levels on the monitor.

Putting an ATI dissolved-ozone monitor on line is easy -- just pipe your flows from a 1/4" sample inlet line into the ATI flowcell assembly sold with your DO3 monitor, and release the tested water back to your stream. The ATI dissolved-ozone monitor doesn't foul your sample with chemicals, so it's perfectly safe to recycle your tested samples.

ATI is the leader in gas and water-quality sensing and monitoring, including dissolved-ozone measurement. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.

last revised 10.12.2005