D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) water-quality monitors and toxic and combustible gas sensors in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. ATI is leading the way among manufacturers of sensors for use in a variety of municipal and industrial pollution-control applications.

ATI dissolved-oxygen monitors are an outstanding choice for measuring D.O. in wastewater. Built with standard 4-20 mA outputs, these dissolved-oxygen sensor/transmitters are perfect for PLC and SCADA systems that require continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen levels. Use the ATI DO unit to control the blowers feeding an aeration basin, and you won't have to rely on human supervision to maintain the aerobic process.

ATI invented the air-blast Auto-Clean system used on these dissolved-oxygen monitors. The innovative ATI system takes the work out of keeping your D.O. sensors clean. Other so-called "self-cleaning" systems rely on mechanical processes to keep the sensor head clean, or claim that the sensor's natural motion will clean itself.

The ATI self-cleaning D.O. unit uses a series of powerful blasts of compressed air to completely clean the sensor head -- as often as once every two hours! You can rest assured that your ATI dissolved-oxygen monitor will function reliably for months of maintenance-free operation without the chance of sensor fouling. No other manufacturer can stand behind that kind of claim, and we have the references to prove it.

ATI has also introduced an optical dissolved-oxygen monitor; this DO monitor requires no membranes to function.

ATI is the leader in gas and water-quality sensing and monitoring, including chlorine measurement. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.

last revised August 2009