D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. is the manufacturer's representative for Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) water-quality monitors and toxic and combustible gas sensors in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. ATI is leading the way among manufacturers of sensors for use in a variety of municipal and industrial pollution-control applications.

With new EPA regulations being issued on chlorine monitoring in your potable-water system, it's important to have the best measurements available. ATI's chlorine monitors are the easiest to use -- period. ATI chlorine meters and monitoring equipment measure free chlorine, chloramines, and residual chlorine without any complicated chemical mixing.

Advantages of an ATI chlorine monitoring system:
  • No complicated chemical mixing
  • No moving parts
  • Continuous, on-line reporting of chlorine levels
  • Minimal maintenance
Maintenance of an ATI chlorine sensor is so easy, you'll be done in minutes. An entire ATI chlorine sensor can be refreshed for months of accurate, reliable service in less than ten minutes. Free chlorine sensors from ATI use a simple membrane and electrolyte solution that can be changed without any chemical mixing or complicated rebuilding. Chloramine sensors are maintained with a simple vinegar-based mixture. Any maintenance worker can handle your ATI chlorine monitor, and it will run for months at a time without any maintenance or user intervention whatsoever.

ATI is the leader in gas and water-quality sensing and monitoring, including chlorine measurement. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.

last revised 5.24.2007