Have you tried unplugging it?

February 15, 2022

If your computer malfunctions, you'll probably be asked if you've tried unplugging it and giving it a reboot. It turns out the same advice can be applied to piping systems inside water and wastewater systems: Have you tried unplugging it? Not by removing power, but by installing bidirectional knife-gate valves in place of plug valves. The Wey knife-gate valve design is an excellent option for flow isolation in applications where the water may contain solids or suspended materials. They are bidirectionally bubble-tight -- which means they can isolate in either direction, without any need to orient the valve in a particular direction. That's a big advantage over plug valves, which must seat with the help of pressure coming from upstream. Wey's knife-gate valves also weigh only a fraction of what comparable plug valves weigh: A 4" Wey Model VM with a handwheel operator weighs only 27 lbs., compared with a typical 4" plug valve that weighs 72 lbs. or more. The difference grows even more dramatic in larger valve sizes. Valves that weigh less are easier to install, easier to operate, and easier to maintain -- plus, they ease pipe strain. Learn more in our knife-gate valve pages, or contact us for estimates, dimensions, pricing, or application assistance.

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