Lightweight, bidirectional isolation

DJ Gongol and Associates represents the Wey line of knife gate valves for flow control in challenging wastewater and stormwater applications. Wey knife gate valves are available in sizes from 2" up to 108", and can be outfitted with manual or automatic actuators in a full range of configurations.

Wey has convinced us that their valves are designed for high-performance service. With a proven design used worldwide and extensive factory capabilities in northern Mississippi, they combine design and manufacturing advantages we like to see in the products we represent.

No leakage, and no need to seat

Wey knife gate valves have bi-directional, zero-leakage closure. Thanks to a contoured body design, these valves resist buildup and deposits that can cause other knife gates to leak or remain wedged open. Designing for wastewater service means selecting products that can endure long periods of service without requiring maintenance, and Wey valves fit that need.

These valves aren't limited to wastewater service, either; they offer superior performance in clear water as well, and have useful applications in industrial service, too.

Resists clogging and obstructions

The gate on a Wey valve is designed with a special geometry that pushes solids out of the way when the valve is being closed. Other designs that overlook this need leave large cavities in the body of the valve -- cavities that invite debris to build up and wedge against the gate, preventing the gate from aligning and closing with a drip-tight seal.

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