Go big (or go small, whatever works for you)

February 4, 2022

Criss-cross the states of Iowa and Nebraska (our home turf) and you'll see scores of Gorman-Rupp lift stations enclosed in tidy little 6' x 6' packages. They're often affectionately called "doghouse" enclosures, since they're just big enough to pack the pumps, motors, controls, and valves inside -- not large enough to for an operator to get inside. These are cost-efficient and safe lift stations: Nobody has to enter a valve vault or hang out leaning over the side of an open wetwell hatch in order to access the pumps, valves, or other equipment. But don't forget that Gorman-Rupp ReliaSource® lift stations are available in a wide range of configurations, including not only 6x6, but also 7' x 10' designs with a slide-off cover, 8' x 12' stations (still compact, but accommodating for operators to stand inside) and the "Modular" station series, which can handle up to 5,200 gpm and offer wide-open spaces for operations, maintenance, and even storage. Learn more from our brochure or contact us with your parameters to get helpful application assistance.

Unassuming station, unsurpassed reliability
Quietly blending in for almost 20 years

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