D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Environetics PortaTanks in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Environetics PortaTanks help solve problems with stormwater detention and treatment at a significantly lower cost than other options.

PortaTank installations from Environetics are ideal for the economical control of stormwater runoff and environmental remediation. PortaTanks are bolted-steel, membrane-lined, above-ground water storage tanks. Designed to exacting AWWA specifications, the PortaTank is ideal for use where on-site treatment is needed, but may not be able to handle occasional surge flows.

Environetics PortaTanks are available in sizes ranging from 6800 to 5,000,000 gallons -- a greater range than any other storage system around! The PortaTank can be placed on foundations with minimum grading and doesn't require a concrete foundation. PortaTank liners are available in a range of industrial-grade and potable-grade materials and are both UV stable and resistant to a wide range of liquids.

Floating covers are also available and factory consultation is available for applications that can even include in-tank treatment. Environetics offers a complete range of installation options, from factory-trained supervisors for your installers to a complete turnkey installation.

Environetics is leading the way in creating dependable, efficient flow controls and water-retention systems. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.

last revised August 2009