D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Environetics baffles in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Environetics baffles solve a variety of pollution-control problems and help you get more water treatment out of your budget!

We'd love to show you how these Environetics flow-control systems can work for your systems, anywhere in Iowa and Nebraska:

  • DIRECTORTM I floating baffles for ponds and lagoons. Environetics created the floating baffle to make lagoon treatment more efficient and more effective. A custom-designed floating lagoon baffle system using the Director I helps make use of the entire lagoon - creating efficient flow patterns and increasing the effective treatment area. Each Environetics Director I floating lagoon baffle system is custom-designed and fabricated into a one-piece flow diversion curtain before being delivered to the site ready for installation.

    The Environetics Director I is the only floating lagoon baffle system that features two load-transfer systems - one between the buoyant flotation collar and under-collar cable, and the other at the anchored anchored bottom ballast chain. Other systems rely entirely on a tension member at the top - leaving the bottom of the non-anchored curtain to float free under high loads and reduce flow diversion. Environetics Director I lagoon baffles help you direct lagoon flow in the most efficient pattern under light, normal, and heavy load conditions.

  • DIRECTORTM II tank baffles for waste treatment tanks. The Environetics Director II was designed specifically to improve performance in tank-based waste treatment systems. Save energy costs and reduce power requirements - use the Environetics Director II tank baffle to turn your existing single-stage treatment operation into a multi-stage system. The Environetics Director II is custom-designed and custom-manufactured, making it a great choice for new construction and retrofits in wastewater treatment tanks.

    The Environetics Director II helps improve the efficiency of your operation with minimal maintenance. Internal reinforcements along with high-strength materials like XR5 and DuPont Hypalon make the Environetics Director II extremely dependable - and it costs less than concrete, steel, wood, or fiberglass baffles.

  • DIRECTORTM III clearwell baffles for public drinking-water disinfection. Environetics Director III Clearwell Baffles help you meet the new requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Attach the Environetics Director III clearwell baffles to your new or existing clearwell features to create a much longer flow path. Longer distances mean greater retention times and predictable disinfection results!

    Environetics uses high-quality, potable-grade materials approved by the EPA for public drinking-water systems. The panels are flexible enough to roll or fold, making them easy to transport and virtually eliminating expensive structural modifications. Custom manufacturing, prefabricated panels, and specially-manufactured stainless steel fasteners mean you get quick, problem-free installation with minimal downtime.
Environetics is leading the way in creating dependable, efficient flow controls and water-retention systems. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.