The following Terms and Conditions shall govern all online sales through D.J. Gongol & Associates, Inc.:

Please click here for special terms pertaining exclusively to pump sales through Gorman-Rupp.

Please click here for special terms pertaining exclusively to pump sales through AMT and its affiliates, including AMT, GRI, IPT, and Patterson Pump.

Please click here for special terms pertaining exclusively to the Basement Watchdog sump pump.

Please click here for special terms pertaining exclusively to the Basement Watchdog Emergency and Basement Watchdog Special sump pumps.

Special note regarding AMT pump kits: Pump kits are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 60 days from the date of shipment from AMT. Purchaser assumes all product liability for any pump kit assembled by purchaser or purchaser's customer, and any related installation. Any pump kit parts deemed defective by AMT will be replaced free of charge within 60 days of shipment. Pump kits are not returnable for credit.
  1. All online orders are made "Off-the-Shelf." Purchaser acknowledges full responsibility for having read and understood the specifications as supplied by the seller and for selecting the equipment purchased independent of any and all advice, recommendations, or communications from the seller. Seller disavows any and all responsibility for offering product selection advice or consultation under any circumstances or by any method of communications.

  2. Due to safety and security concerns, we cannot accept any chlorination or dechlorination products for returns. All sales of those products are final.

  3. No warranty of any kind is made by DJ Gongol & Associates ( or on any products sold. All applicable warranties are exclusively offered by the manufacturer(s), and are in no way binding upon DJ Gongol & Associates, Inc. For warranty information on Gorman-Rupp, AMT, or IPT pumps sold on our website, please click here.

  4. All online orders are payable by credit card only. These terms are independent of, and are not contingent upon, the time or manner in which the Purchaser may receive payment from others. Late charges of 1-1/2% per month shall be imposed on previous balance of monthly billing statement.

  5. Partial payments shall be made for partial shipments.

  6. All orders are subject to the approval of the manufacturer(s).

  7. Equipment and/or materials offered on this proposal carry the manufacturer's standard warranty unless noted in the proposal. No other warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. All standard terms of sale of the respective manufacturers apply to this transaction.

  8. Startup services or supervision are not included. They may be available for an additional charge.

  9. Cancellation of equipment offered on this proposal will only be accepted on terms that will protect the interests of the seller and shall result in cancellation charges that include all costs incurred plus anticipated profit.

  10. Title to materials specified herein, and to any and all additions and accessories thereto and substitutions therefore, shall remain with the seller until the purchase price is paid in full.

  11. Delivery and scheduling information is our best estimate based upon experience and information from suppliers. Seller shall not be held responsible for delays or in any case for consequential damages resulting from delays beyond the schedule furnished.

  12. Seller will accept no charges for loss, shortage, or damage in transit but will assist Purchaser in preparing claims against transportation companies if Purchaser will make note of apparent damage or shortage when signing freight receipts. All claims must be made within ten days after receipt of shipment.

  13. Any Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manuals that will be furnished will be the manufacturer's STANDARD FORMAT. Unless otherwise stated in our proposal, all products will be shipped with one manual. For additional copies, please contact the remitter; a charge will be added for additional copies. Binders for the manuals or Custom Manuals will be furnished on a time and materials basis.

  14. Any state and/or local taxes are not included and are the obligation of the Purchaser unless specifically addressed otherwise.

  15. Purchaser agrees that in the event of default in the payment of any amount due, to pay an additional charge equal to the cost of collection including agency and attorney fees and court costs incurred and permitted by laws governing these transactions.

  16. Purchaser agrees that seller shall in no way be liable for incidental damages or losses of any kind resulting from any use, proper or improper, of the products sold. Seller shall accept no liability of any kind for incidental damages or losses in any way related to the use of the products sold, nor for any damages or losses resulting from the failure, malfunction, or other loss of access to or use of said equipment.

  17. Purchaser accepts responsibility for all freight charges related to returns, inspections, or other claims of any sort.

  18. Seller does not support export sales and takes no responsibility for export procedures or compliance. Purchasers are advised that products sold through this store are intended for domestic purchase and application only. Export of any products may be in violation of the manufacturer's terms, conditions, and policies, and furthermore may be subject to restrictions imposed by local, state, and/or Federal authorities. Seller accepts no responsibility or liability for any activities undertaken with products purchased in the United States or any subsequent disposition of those products.
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