Please note the following policies on returns and exchanges:

No Unauthorized Returns; No Returns to Our Office

We are not the manufacturers of the equipment sold on this website. We simply operate as a clearinghouse for the sale of what we believe are excellent products from a number of manufacturers.

In order to keep costs low and pass those savings on to you, we do not keep most equipment in stock at our West Des Moines office. Almost all of our products are drop-shipped from the original manufacturers. This saves you the cost of shipping the equipment twice -- first to us, then to you. It also helps reduce the potential for damage in-transit.

However, this means that we cannot accept returns at our office.

Prior to returning any item for any reason, the customer must be issued a "Return Material Authorization" (RMA) number, which must be included with the returned item. All components being returned must be shipped freight prepaid by the customer, unless otherwise indicated on the RMA document.

Please note that the customer is responsible for all freight charges related to returns, inspections, or other claims of any sort.

Defects Addressed Solely By the Manufacturer's Warranty

If for some reason you believe that the equipment you received is defective, please contact our office and we will work with you to arrange a solution with the help of the manufacturer. The manufacturer may require testing to verify that the equipment is indeed faulty.

Customer is Responsible for Product Selection

If you decide to return your equipment for any other reason, please understand that we will have to charge you a reasonable fee for restocking and loss of value. Please double-check all orders. We offer the "More Info" link for virtually every product in order to give you access to complete information from the manufacturer, and we confirm every order to you twice wherever possible -- once when you enter your credit card information, and again when we enter your order. Restocking charges may vary from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Restocking Fee Applies; Returns Must Be in New Condition

Before returning any item for any reason, please contact our office first so we can arrange for the most efficient and helpful way to process your return.

Any returns must be pre-approved, and returned in new, unused condition unless specifically authorized by our office or by the manufacturer. Returned parts and equipment must be in saleable condition upon return to the manufacturer. All returns are subject to a standard restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price or greater, if required by the manufacturer. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges related to returns and exchanges. If any reconditioning, repainting, repackaging, or other efforts are necessary to return the equipment to saleable condition, the customer may be charged for time and materials.

If the returned items are rejected by the quality control supervisors, you may receive notice in writing of said rejection. In those cases, no credit will be issued for the return.

Some items may have a shelf life, making them brittle or otherwise inappropriate for return. Elastomers, seals, bearings, batteries, and other items with limited shelf lives are not separately eligible for return and/or credit. Items and components sold as part of a complete system unit (such as an O-ring within a pump) are not separately eligible for return unless the item itself is defective.

Product Recommendations Not Offered and Not Binding

Please also understand that we cannot offer product selection advice. We have almost 1000 different products available through our web store, so it would be impossible for us to offer useful advice on every individual product without hiring a large and costly staff. Everything that we could reasonably be expected to know is already shown under the More Info link next to each product.

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