Planning ahead for algae control in ponds and lakes
May 15, 2012

It's still quite early in the warm season in our part of the country, but it won't be long before summer is fully underway. A major summertime nuisance in many ponds and lakes is the growth and spread of unwanted algae, especially in urban areas where runoff from fertilized lawns carries lots of nutrients along with it into the water, where it feeds the growth and spread of algae -- especially when combined with a dose of warm, sunny weather. Treating ponds with chemicals to kill algae can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

We offer an alternative option: Pond aerators and fountains, which can be used not only to provide a combination of air and agitation (which help to inhibit the growth of algae), but that can also be combined with a simple lighting system to provide an attractive landscaping feature. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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