Investor group says big companies aren't reporting on their water risks
February 25, 2010

An investor group called Ceres, which focuses on environmental issues in business, has issued a report saying that of 100 publicly-traded companies where water is a major factor in operations, many had little or nothing to say in their disclosures about the potential effects of water quality and availability on their businesses. As Bloomberg reported the story, the main problem may actually be that no useful standards exist for reporting on water resources in the same way that standards exist for many financial risks. That probably represents a field where improvements ought to be pursued; we have previously noted the trouble posed by water shortages on a global scale, as well as on a local one in places like the Republican River basin, the Platte River valley, parts of the Corn Belt, and some of America's largest cities.

One of the ways in which water supplies can be better protected is to enhance the recycling and reuse of wastewater, which involves clarification and filtration products that we can help apply.

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