Lagoon covers are a very effective (and increasingly popular) way to enhance wastewater pollution control. Lagoon covers for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications can offer a number of important benefits:
  • Odor control. The odors produced by wastewater lagoons can be especially offensive to people living nearby. Odor control by chemicals and other approaches can be costly and isn't always effective. A lagoon cover, by contrast, seals the lagoon from the outside air, providing reliable control of odors.

  • Wave control. Steady winds can cause waves and splashing in a lagoon. A cover provides a simple way to isolate the water from the winds above.

  • Methane/biogas recapture. Possibly the best reason of all to consider a wastewater lagoon cover -- the offensive odors given off by wastewater lagoons actually indicate the presence of valuable gases like methane. Instead of losing these gases to the atmosphere, capture them with a gas-capture lagoon cover. The payback period for a lagoon cover and electric cogeneration system can be very short -- just a matter of months, under the right conditions! Once the capital cost is covered, all of the energy recaptured becomes pure profit to your operation.
We can help you with lagoon covers of all types -- from the simplest cover to a complete co-generation system. Contact us for more information.

last revised 10.6.2005