Upgrade your old lagoons

February 13, 2023

Gorman-Rupp's EchoStorm Venturi aeration system is an exciting merger of Gorman-Rupp pumping reliability with the flexibility of tank-side or lagoon-side aeration. Instead of filling a tank or a lagoon with large grids of aerators, the EchoStorm drops nothing more than an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe into the water. These can be configured or even moved as needed in order to achieve aeration in the right places at the right times inside the basin. But with the pump, motor, controls, and Venturi aerator all mounted safely on dry land, everything can be managed safely and conveniently, even by a lone operator. If you're trying to upgrade the treatment within an existing lagoon system, the EchoStorm is a compact and easy option -- and when combined with simple floating baffle systems, you can turn even an old facultative lagoon into a multi-stage treatment system with minimal earthwork, piping, or equipment. Contact us for more information.

February 2023
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