Safer, more reliable aeration

DJ Gongol & Associates is pleased to represent the Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm Venturi aeration system for water and wastewater applications in Iowa and Nebraska. The EchoStorm system is driven by the safest and most reliable pumps in the market today -- Gorman-Rupp self-priming Super T and Ultra V Series pumps.

Gorman-Rupp's EchoStorm Venturi eliminates maintenance hassles by taking all of the moving parts out of the water and completely eliminating nuisances like diffuser membranes. There's (almost) nothing to it: After the water is drawn in by the Gorman-Rupp pump and pressurized, it passes through the Venturi unit, where it induces atmospheric air to enter the flow. This results in an immediate, trouble-free surge of oxygen into the water, which continues through the discharge line back into the pit, lagoon, tank, or other holding container.

Mixing and aeration together

The EchoStorm provides mixing and aeration together in one simple, operator-friendly package. Flow rates can range from 50 gpm to 1,300 gpm on a single pump and aerator (and it's easy to add additional units in parallel for even more). That kind of flow rate ensures not only that the water is thoroughly aerated, but also guarantees lots of mixing -- which you can enhance even more by thoughtful placement of the inlet and outlet, along with baffles where needed to extend the treatment process.

All O&M is handled safely on dry land, and can usually be performed by a single operator. There's no need to get into the water, to launch a rowboat, or to worry about exposed electrical lines. All of the work takes place on shore, where lockout-tagout procedures can be followed correctly and heavy lifting can be kept to a minimum. And it's all based on the most reliable pumps in the market: Gorman-Rupp self-priming Super T and Ultra V pumps.

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