We are pleased to offer clarifier covers manufactured by our friends at Environetics, makers of our floating lagoon baffles and other products for water and wastewater treatment. Environetics makes full-bridge cable-supported clarifier membrane covers that can be used to improve clarifier performance in a number of ways:
  • Odor control is a natural advantage of adding a cover, since a cover helps to contain the biological gases like hydrogen sulfide that come off the water as it moves through the clarifier. This can help improve relations with neighbors and reduce the unpleasant "sewer plant" smell and reputation.

  • Algae control is a byproduct of the clarifier cover's ability to block sunlight. Since algae require photosynthesis to survive, blocking the sunlight helps severely retard the ability of the algae to grow.

  • Thermal protection provided by the covers can help prevent freezing in the clarifier troughs and throughout the clarifier. This kind of protection is not to be overlooked in a region like the Upper Midwest, where winter temperatures occasionally drop to 30°F below zero. Nobody wants to have to chip out the ice when the temperatures drop that low, so letting a clarifier cover help to prevent the freezing can eliminate an unpleasant (and potentially dangerous) task for people who already have a difficult job to do.
If you'd like more information on a clarifier cover, contact us and we'll be happy to help.