• Circular clarifiers. Circular sludge collectors are available for applications as primary clarifiers, secondary clarifiers, and final clarifiers. Clarifiers are available with surface skimmers, scum troughs, weirs, and baffles all made from a variety of materials.

  • Suction clarifiers. Some applications call for suction clarifiers to provide rapid solids removal. Suction-type clarifiers are available in two-arm manifold, tapered-arm manifold, and visual sludge well designs.

  • Flocculator clarifiers. Flocculator clarifiers can be built for both full-bridge and half-bridge applications and combine flocculation and clarification in one basin.

  • Upflow solids contact clarifiers. Chemical contact and flocculation are sometimes needed in order to reduce hardness, odors, tastes, colors, suspended solids, or turbidity in potable-water and industrial treatment plants. By combining mixing, flocculation, and setting in one tank, upflow solids contact clarifiers improve the quality of output flow and maximize operational efficiency.
You may instead be interested in dissolved air clarifiers (DAF). We're happy to help you with those, too.