Belt filter presses for dewatering

Belt filter presses are used for dewatering sludges, like lime sludges in drinking-water systems and waste sludges from wastewater systems. We are in the market to represent a reputable manufacturer of dependable dewatering equipment, including belt filter presses. If you seek representation in our primary market of Iowa and Nebraska, please get in touch. We have been in business for more than 45 years as an independent manufacturer's representative, and our professional reputation is second to none.

How it works

As sludges are deposited on the belt filter press, they pass first through a gravity section, where water is drained via the natural flow of gravity pulling the water through the perforated belt. As the sludge passes through, it is moved and rolled by multiple rows of plows that force and turn the sludge in order to extract the most water possible from the mixture.

The sludge is then conveyed into a wedge zone, where it is progressively compressed as it is moved through the zone, extracting more water as it is passed through.

The final section is a series of rollers through which the sludge is compressed in order to maximize the drying effect.