DJ Gongol and Associates represents the GA Industries (Golden-Anderson) line of surge-relief valves to prevent sudden and unexpected pressure surges through pipes. Preventing those surges can reduce the risk of catastrophic damage to infrastructure -- as well as the risk of personal injury.

The vee-ported, differential-piston design is available in both angle and globe-style bodies. Golden Anderson surge-relief valves are available in sizes from 2.5" up to 36" for surge protection in systems of all sizes. Each valve is pre-set at the factory and tested before shipment, and can be easily field-adjusted if required.

The large (but sensitive) pilot opens the valve quickly in response to surge (over-pressure) conditions and then closes slowly at an adjustable speed once the pressure subsides. These heavy-duty valves are designed with minimal moving parts and with internal protection against cavitation. But when maintenance is required, all internal components can be removed, inspected, and/or replaced through a single top cover while the valve body remains in-line.

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