DJ Gongol and Associates represents the GA Industries line of electric pump check valves for clear-water applications. These valves are well-suited to controlling surges in high-head pumping applications on pump startup and shutdown.

A differential piston in the main valve opens and closes at a controlled speed to control potential surges. A system of pilot controls (solenoids and needle valves) control the speed of piston; these pilot controls are factory-assembled and tested to ensure performance.

The electric check valve can be set to open slowly upon pump startup in order to prevent startup surges, and can be set to close slowly against a running pump in order to prevent shutdown-pressure variances. Additionally, the valve controls can be used to turn off the pump motor after the valve has been closed to prevent damage to the pump.

These valves are available in both globe and angle body styles, in sizes from 2.5" up to 36". An independently-adjustable fast-closure option is available to provide protection in power-outage or other emergency situations.

For applications requiring a fail-safe check feature, see the Checktronic pump-controller series.

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