Static mixers make it possible to add chemicals evenly and effectively to fluid streams. As the municipal-applications representatives for Sulzer Chemtech in Iowa and Nebraska, we are pleased to help offer static-mixing devices for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

Sulzer is the world's largest manufacturer of in-line static mixers, as well as one of the oldest. After more than 175 years of continuous operation, Sulzer has learned a thing or two about precision manufacturing of devices like static mixers.

Among the specialties offered under Sulzer's umbrella of inline static mixing devices are several attractive options:
  • Static mixers that minimize lay length -- with complete mixing achieved in just three pipe diameters

  • Static mixers that minimize pressure drops to just one inch of water column

  • Static mixers that combine the best features of both small lay length and low pressure drops

  • Static mixers with excellent clogging resistance for use in wastewater applications
Sulzer's inline static mixers can homogenize liquid, gaseous, and even solid forms within a water process stream, and by efficiently ensuring a better distribution of the additive throughout the process stream, they can save energy, reduce chemical costs, and optimize the treatment process.

For more information on Sulzer's in-line static mixing devices, visit our static mixer inquiry page and let us know how we can assist you better.

last revised December 2009