Omaha wants Federal help with sewers
May 24, 2011

Omaha is working on a project to separate its stormwater sewers from its sanitary sewers -- a project that isn't very sexy, but which is intended to make the Missouri River safer and cleaner for people living downstream. The project to separate the sewers was mandated by the EPA, but the cost currently falls directly on the city. At a recent meeting, Omaha mayor Jim Suttle asked US Senator Mike Johanns for help defraying the cost, calling the project an "unfunded Federal mandate", according to the Omaha World-Herald. The mayor has gained a lot of attention for looking for alternative revenue sources to pay for the sewer-separation project, which is likely to cost almost $2 billion.

Sewer separation projects are a major issue in our area, and we've contributed to the solutions in places like Des Moines. We'll continue to do so with products like sluice gates and bar screens, and we are available to help with questions from other communities facing similar issues.

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