Some mild spring flooding is underway, but the worst is still to come
March 18, 2011

Some mild spring flooding is underway in northwestern and north-central Iowa, according to the National Weather Service. The overall seasonal prediction for flooding in the central portion of the state suggests a pretty good chance of widespread mild flooding, but the real story on which everyone is holding their breath is what's going to happen in the Mississippi River regions. The National Weather Service in LaCrosse says that flooding is going to get serious soon just upstream of most Iowa locations, and there's been no change to the forecast expecting a virtual certainty of major flooding along the Mississippi in the coming weeks.

We strongly recommend that communities that could be affected by spring flooding take the opportunity presented by the current mild weather to test their flood defenses, including portable pumps for flood control, portable dams, and portable bypass pumps for lift stations. Now is also the time to make sure that sluice gates are operating properly and will open when required in emergencies. One of the major advantages to stainless steel sluice gates is that they don't require dissimilar metals to remain in contract under water (which cast iron gates do). By eliminating metal-to-metal contact, stainless steel sluice gates prevent galvanic corrosion from occurring, meaning the gates open when they're needed.

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