Diffuser D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. represents the Air-Aqua coarse-bubble static tube diffuser aeration system in Iowa and Nebraska. The Air-Aqua design is extraordinarily simple and can be a very good choice for aerating wastewater lagoons with very little manpower.

The Air-Aqua method uses a weighted air tube with coarse slits that feeds into a spiralled static diffuser that breaks the released bubbles apart in order to maximize the air's contact with the water. Especially for those municipalities that own municipal electric utilities, the Air-Aqua method can be an economical and very low-maintenance method for aerating wastewater.

Advantages to the Air-Aqua system:
  • Simplicity. The design and layout of an Air-Aqua coarse-bubble aeration system are extremely easy. Lagoons can be laid out quickly and put into operation with a minimum of downtime.

  • Ease of maintenance. There are no working parts in the field, so the only maintenance required is on the blower itself.

  • Easy to purge. In case of power loss or blower shutdown, water may seep back into the weighted tubing assembly. A simple "bump" of the system is generally enough to set everything back in order.

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last revised 10.14.2005