The lights are back on

August 13, 2020

In case the news hasn't made it to wherever you are, the state of Iowa got hit with a powerful derecho on Monday morning. It's being compared to an inland hurricane, and for good reason -- the wind gusts were measurable at nearly 100 mph and came with extraordinary driving rains. The crop damage probably covers 10 million acres, or about a third of the state. It was intense.

Power went out (and with it, most Internet access) and it is still being repaired (ours just came back tonight). Cedar Rapids, the second-largest city in the state and a major industrial center, is reeling even worse than we are in Des Moines.

So, if we've been a little slow to get back to you this week...that's why. Things are going to take some time to get back to normal, but we're working overtime to get back up to speed. As always, we are here to serve the public water sector in whatever ways we can.

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