D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for a wide range of sluice gates, slide gates, and flap gates. Flap gates are available in a number of materials, including cast iron and cast steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The flap gates we represent are built to your specifications in order to handle whatever demands they might face in regular service. Flap gates can generally handle seating heads of up to 55 feet -- all while controlling discharges within sanitary, storm, and combined sewer systems, industrial treatment processes, and water treatment systems.

Flap gates are built to exacting standards and can be customized to handle corrosive conditions with ease. Flap gates can be expected to last for decades with absolutely no interference or maintenance.

Use flap gates to allow drainage from one direction only, without allowing fluids back into the channel. Flap gates have good application value in sanitary sewer systems when multiple pipes feed into the same box and you need to prevent flows from backing up into one another. Flap gates open in one direction only, but are naturally inclined to open easily from their design direction of flow. Contact us with any questions you might have by filling out our request form.

We also represent manufacturers of slide gates, sluice gates, butterfly valves, mud valves, shear gates, and telescoping valves. Return to our main gates page for more information on those and other water control products.

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