ShelterWorks enclosure DJ Gongol & Associates represents the ShelterWorks line of custom-built fiberglass enclosures in Iowa and Nebraska. We are pleased to share ShelterWorks' reliable buildings and enclosures with our clients throughout the area.

ShelterWorks buildings feature unique "Fiber Beam Technology" that provides extra strength for bonding the inner and outer composite surfaces of a building in a way that allows the manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee. The strength and structural integrity provided by the fiberglass I-beam system are unique in the industry.

ShelterWorks buildings and enclosures are excellent for a wide variety of applications: ShelterWorks enclosure
  • pump station buildings
  • chemical-feed system enclosures
  • chlorination and dechlorination buildings
  • protection for sludge dewatering equipment
  • motor control center enclosures
  • flowmeter and sampler enclosures
  • chemical storage buildings
  • valve and metering system enclosures
  • and many more
ShelterWorks enclosure ShelterWorks buildings come with dual layers of fiberglass, foam-core insulation, I-beam structural strength, and UV-inhibiting gelcoat protection. From full buildings down to clamshell and cabinet-style enclosures, ShelterWorks offers a range of options suitable to many needs. Whether for convenience or as an insurance policy against damage to valuable equipment, fiberglass enclosures can be a very wise investment.

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last revised April 2010