Dependable blowers for reliable aeration

DJ Gongol & Associates is pleased to represent the Hoffman and Lamson blower lines for water and wastewater applications in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Hoffman and Lamson's long history of excellence in the centrifugal blower market gives specifying engineers and plant operators the confidence to know they are getting proven equipment from a dependable source.

Centrifugal blowers

Hoffman centrifugal blowers are able to perform across a wide range of airflows and pressures. The Revolution Plus series starts around 250 SCFM and reaches as high as 16,000 SCFM, with pressures ranging from 8.5 psig to 14.2 psig.

Hoffman's turbo blowers are capable of excellent efficiencies, saving up to 20% on energy use when compared with other designs. Integrated variable-speed controls and a complete sound-attenuating enclosure make operation safe for operators, reliable, and energy-wise.

Positive-displacement blowers

Hoffman's positive-displacement blowers come in both screw and lobe designs. Ranging from 140 SCFM to 6,200 SCFM, with pressures ranging up to 14.5 psig, these units are excellent for applications where discharge pressures must vary to keep up with variable water elevations.