Bar screens help protect the valuable equipment inside your treatment system from the damage that can be caused by large objects that can find their way into the waste stream. Bar screens have several important features that help protect your pollution-control system:
  • Operational-control options. Mechanically-cleaned bar screens can be built to be continuously controlled, timer-controlled, or liquid-level controlled. With timer controls and liquid level controls, your bar screen is only cleaned when the cleaning is needed.

  • Front-cleaned screens. Front-cleaned screens are inclined at 75 or 84 and can also be built as pivot units that allow for easy maintenance.

  • Back-cleaned screens. Back-cleaned screens are furnished as vertical-mounted units.

  • Factory-tested. Mechanically-cleaned bar screens are factory-tested before shipment, ensuring the operator years of trouble-free operation.
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last revised 8.3.2006