D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Environetics baffles in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Environetics baffles solve a variety of pollution-control problems and help you get more wastewater treatment out of your budget!

Directortm II Tank Baffles for wastewater treatment

Environetics baffles can be installed in existing wastewater treatment tanks or in new construction to provide a better treatment system. These baffles are designed and engineered to improve flow patterns in circular tanks and in rectangular tanks, so there's an Environetics solution to almost any need you might have.

Use the Environetics Directortm II tank baffle to create a staged treatment system where a single-stage tank already exists -- or to help reduce your construction costs when building a new tank. Either way, you'll find that an Environetics tank baffle will help you stage your treatment process, giving you effective treatment at a lower overall cost.

Environetics tank baffles in action
Environetics tank baffles can:
  • create aeration zones
  • separate anoxic zones from the rest of the tank
  • create chlorine contact chambers
  • designate mixing zones
  • separate clarification areas from other parts of a tank
  • capture surface scum and debris
By building the baffle in a controlled environment at the factory in Illinois, Environetics can help you reduce your construction costs while giving better service than concrete, wood, steel, or fiberglass baffles. Environetics uses industrial-grade thermoplastics that are guaranteed to last.

Environetics has been operating continuously since 1970 and continues to stand behind its products and lead the way in creating dependable, efficient flow controls and water-retention systems. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations.

last revised August 2009