DJ Gongol and Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer Aeroqual ambient outdoor air-quality monitors for the measurement and tracking of a wide variety of airborne pollutants in applications where compact and discreet monitors are preferred.

The Aeroqual AQM-60 outdoor air-quality monitor is capable of tracking O3 (ozone), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), and VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Additionally, these monitoring stations are capable of tracking environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, noise, and other meteorological conditions.

These outdoor monitors are good for a wide variety of applications:
  • Urban air-quality monitoring
  • Roadside and tunnel monitoring
  • Point-source monitoring
  • Agricultural and farm air-quality monitoring
  • Trend analysis
  • Hot-spot screening
  • Commercial indoor air-quality measurement
System management software for these monitors even enables remote calibration and exception recording. Data from these monitors is stored internally and can be retrieved in real-time via modem, Ethernet, and wireless access.

Contact us for more information on monitors for outdoor air quality. Should your needs involve more specific measurement, we also offer toxic-gas sensors, handheld gas monitors, and sniffer-type gas sensors.

last revised April 2009