Cedar Rapids may demand more topsoil
September 16, 2015

As a stormwater management issue, Cedar Rapids may soon require that 8" of material be left behind after new construction to help absorb stormwater from heavy rainfall. That would be more than the usual 4" topsoil requirement, but it's easy to understand why Cedar Rapids may look to implement a tougher standard, given the city's experiences with flooding.

What you should know about corrosion in drinking water systems
September , 2015

The CDC has some helpful information on corrosion in potable water systems and how it is caused. Useful knowledge for those in municipal water systems.

Omaha just had its 4th-rainiest day ever
September 25, 2015

5.74" of rain fell in one day -- enough for a top 5 ranking since records have been kept. It's a testament to the need for good stormwater management systems.

Council Bluffs may have fared even worse than Omaha in recent storm
September 26, 2015

It's thought that parts of Council Bluffs got more than 6" of rain in 24 hours in the recent storm. Most sewer systems would be challenged by that high a rate of flow in part because it's really well beyond what historical models usually told people to design around.

A new pump series from Gorman-Rupp
September 28, 2015

Gorman-Rupp is introducing the new 6500 Series of end-suction pumps for a variety of in-plant applications in both potable and wastewater systems. The product is on display at WEFTEC 2015.

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