State Department could delay Keystone XL pipeline until after 2012 elections
November 9, 2011

Because the proposed pipeline from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf of Mexico is an international affair, the US State Department gets a say in where the pipeline route goes. And according to an Associated Press report, some officials there are considering having the pipeline re-routed so that it doesn't pass over the Nebraska sandhills. If a re-routing is required, a new environmental study will be required, which will likely mean that the pipeline will be on hold until at least this time next year -- delaying it past the 2012 elections. The issue is a hot one, since it involves promises of jobs as well as a lot of local concern over the risk of water contamination.

A plan for flood control in Cedar Rapids
November 17, 2011

The US Army Corps of Engineers (from Rock Island) has unveiled its plans for flood protection for the east side of the riverbank in Cedar Rapids, where it goes through downtown. They're planning to use a mix of levees and permanent flood walls for future flooding control -- even though the city expressed a preference for a lot of removable flood walls, which are much more expensive.

Flood-protection levees and permanent walls often utilize flap gates and sluice gates to allow water to drain from the dry side of the levee or wall into the river that's being contained. We've been very pleased with the quality and speed of delivery on gates from Golden Harvest over the seven years we have represented them -- particularly on flood-related emergency projects. Golden Harvest has the unique ability to respond to rapid-response requests and to turn around gates faster than any other manufacturer we've seen.

Nobody knows the route of the new Keystone XL pipeline
November 21, 2011

The announcement that TransCanada is going to re-route its Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska has raised a new question: Where will the re-routed pipeline go? Some groups still plan to oppose the pipeline no matter what, but others seem satisfied with the announcement that a new route will be followed to avoid passing over the Nebraska sandhills.

Special session decides on two new laws governing pipelines crossing Nebraska
November 23, 2011

Nebraska governor Dave Heineman has signed two laws into effect governing the route of oil pipelines across the state. The laws are the result of the special session called to address the Keystone XL pipeline route, which was the subject of much concern and speculation as its original route passed over the Sand Hills and thus traveled over the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies a huge amount of water for both irrigation and public drinking supplies.

Happy Thanksgiving
November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, colleagues, clients, and suppliers. We will be closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving and re-opening on Monday morning. If you have an emergency, you may always reach us via our emergency paging service.

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