DJ Gongol and Associates represents the GA Industries (Golden-Anderson) line of plug valves for flow control. GA Industries plug valves fully comply with the AWWA C517 standard, but exceed it in important ways:
  • GA Industries plug valves in sizes from 1/2" up to 24" are offered with a ductile iron body, which means higher strength and more durability than plug valves with cast iron bodies. The epoxy coating and welded-nickel seat mean long-term corrosion resistance and thus a longer valve life.

  • The Buna-N covered plug and state-of-the-art machining processes ensure accurate alignment between the plug and the seat, which in turn translates to reduced wear and tighter shutoffs.

  • Most significantly, the GA Industries "Eco-Centric" round-port design in valves up through 24" delivers better flow characteristics than rectangular-ported valves. The rounded-port design prevents clogging and reduces energy costs.
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