DJ Gongol and Associates represents the GA Industries (Golden-Anderson) line of altitude valves. These are found in locations where it's critical to prevent overflow when the supply head is greater than the maximum level -- in locations like elevated water tanks, standpipes, and reservoirs. These are available in one-way and two-way configurations.

One-way or single-acting altitude valves are used where water is drawn from the tank through a separate pipe so that the tank only serves the system downstream. In some cases, single-acting altitude valves are paired with a check valve in parallel with the altitude valve that allows the upstream system to be supplied by the tank when the system head falls below the tank head.

Two-way or double-acting altitude valves are used not only to fill the tank, but also to open when the system head falls below the tank head to allow the tank to supply pressure to the system through the altitude valve.

Altitude valves are also available in variations using check valves, solenoid shutoffs, pressure-sustaining features, and pressure-relief features.

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