D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for Golden Harvest sluice gates and slide gates, as well as roller gates. We are one of the nation's top representatives for water-control equipment.

Roller gates from Golden Harvest are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass, and are capable of handling considerable seating and unseating heads. Golden Harvest's fabricated roller gates are built to control flows under low- to medium-flow conditions where heavy-duty sluice gates are not as economical. Roller gates are especially useful in applications where pedestal-type operators would be considered unsightly or would be at risk of vandalism. Roller gates can be installed quickly using a cherry-picker or other small equipment, but they should be reserved for installations where regular operation of the gates is expected to be infrequent. Roller gates may be ideal for stormwater installations where water diversion may be required in an infrequent emergency, but where aesthetic requirements would make a standard slide or sluice gate unfavorable.

Roller gates can be built in a wide range of custom sizes. Visit our quotation page to request more information specific to your needs.

We also represent makers of butterfly valves, flap gates, mud valves, shear gates, telescoping valves, and drainage gates. Return to our main gates page for more information on those and other water-control products.

last revised February 2009